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Kygo to perform at Rio 2016 Olympic Games



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Monday, 24 June 2024
Sense of Sound Arturia season promotion   Print 
Saturday, 26 November 2016

Arturia is thrilled to announce its Sense of Sound promotion this winter — a celebration of sound in its purest sense. Music and sound have the unique ability to transcend our sense of hearing and create images and textures in our minds that are so real you could touch them. Through the artistry of sound design, musicians are able to create emotions in their audience — from the glowing, warm memories of carefree youth to rasping,
fractured tones that send shivers up your spine.

To celebrate this magical quirk of the senses, and to bring the wondrous potential of soundl to as many people as possible, Arturia’s award-winning virtual instruments will be available at amazingly attractive prices for a limited time.

Between 18 November 2016 and 10 January 2017 Arturia will be offering the following deals:
Analog Lab - now 44 €/US$
The modern musician’s secret toolkit, filled with over
5,000 presets from V Collection 5.
Analog synths
Matrix-12 - now 99€/US$
Mini V – 74€/US$
Modular V – 74€/US$
SEM V – 74€/US$
ARP 2600 V – 74€/US$
CS-80 V – 74€/US$
Jupiter-8 V – 74€/US$
Digital synths
Prophet V – 74€/US$
Synclavier V – 99€/US$
Organs & String machines
Vox Continental V – 74€/US$
B-3 V – 99€/US$
Farfisa V – 99€/US$
Solina V – 74€/US$
Electric & acoustic pianos
Stage-73 V – 99€/US$
Wurli V – 74€/US$
Piano V – 99€/US$


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